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Towards the end of the century makers began to stamp their mark on the bowl.

Bowls with EG for Edward Godfrey (7319, 1803), who made pipes between 16, II the mark of John James (27381, 46657), who made pipes between 16 and WS, the mark of William Sefton, who worked between 16 have been found.

Some designs came during the first half of the century that seemed to last to the end.

The “hands on heart” design is one (9844, 34219,39973).

In the text below find numbers of some examples are in brackets.

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The oldest clay pipes found in Bingham date from 1620-1630 (32305, 41670).The bowl is slightly bulbous with an internal diameter a little less than 10 mm and there is a flat heel.The internal depth of the bowl is about one inch (25 mm).Often the opposing leaf motif is on an otherwise plain bowl (39931, 41726), but one or two pieces were found with additional decoration. These include beehives (10504, 26734), shields, animals, drapery (11268), scrolls ((9995), windmills (32302) and the Royal Arms (2353).One interesting design is a standing figure indicating liberty, which was found on pipes made to commemorate the abolition of slavery (34148, 10215, 32302).

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